Best rates to buy Swiss Francs with pounds in 2017!

Best rates to buy Swiss Francs with pounds in 2017!
April 21
15:50 2017

Despite some questionable economic data and worries over the Brexit the pound has risen to fresh highs against the Swiss Franc. The overall expectation for sterling and the Franc had been negative but we have actually seen the rate improve which is presenting some of the best rates in 2017. The Swiss Franc is typically seen as a safe-haven currency which means in times of economic uncertainty it will strengthen as it is perceived to be safer and more stable compared to other more risky assets. Will this trend continue and what can we expect next on the GBPCHF currency pairing?

GBPCHF has risen to 1.28 as the highs presenting some excellent fresh opportunities to buy the Swissie. The overall expectation is that this might well go higher owing to Theresa May strengthening her position at the helm of Government. She is doing very well in the polls, this news has only helped to serve sterling further gains, a Conservative party victory should lead to further GBP gains.

If you are looking to buy Francs with pounds then making some plans in advance is sensible to avoid future uncertainty. The pound still has a number of hurdles to overcome with the onset of the Brexit as we learn more about how the economy os performing and also more about what type of deal the UK will get. If you are looking to buy or sell the Swiss Franc there a number of global events which will weigh on the economic performance of the Franc in the future. Notably the uncertainty of a World War 3 and also fears over who will the French election.

If you are buying or selling the Franc making plans around the trends on the currency plus the potential outcomes on the market is sensible. For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan by emailing

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