What can we expect for the GBPCHF exchange rate?

What can we expect for the GBPCHF exchange rate?
June 30
15:52 2017

The pound has been the main driver on this currency pairing as the uncertainty over the UK election persists. Whilst the Theresa May and DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) union is helping hold the Conservative in a majority there is mounting speculation that actually the pound will suffer further in the future as we get news of a potential further election. Such uncertainty is weighing greatly on the pound which remains at lower levels. the Franc is a safe haven currency and actually strengthens in times of global uncertainty, markets are slightly on edge as speculation mounted this week of the ECB ‘taper’ as the Eurozone economic recovery gathers pace and investors seek out safer shores.

On balance I expect the GBPCHF rate to trade in the lower ranges of the 1.20’s as we approach the coming week of news. The UK has a series of important economic releases next week which is I believe most worthy of note from the UK. With expectation weighing on the UK to come up with improvements in the economic data, the likelihood of further sterling weakness seems high. Markets should be bracing for the pound to drop further as we learn of further deterioration in the UK’s financial and economic position.

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