What can we expect next for the GBPCHF exchange rate?

What can we expect next for the GBPCHF exchange rate?
July 12
16:53 2017

The pound to Swiss Franc rate has been sliding on the uncertainty of the UK raising interest rates. The general impression from the market is that the UK will fail to raise interest rates as quickly as many had hoped. Whilst I believe GBPCHF could easily drop lower say to below 1.20, ore than likely we will come to some form of settlement in the 1.22-1.23 range. A big factor driving the Franc against the pound is the positioning and we fell to almost the lowest rates in 2017 earlier today as sterling fell on comments from the Bank of England yesterday.

There is a growing belief that the weakness of sterling is perhaps slightly overdone and we could easily see sterling rising in the future. However I do believe it will get worse before it gets better. If you have a transfer buying or selling the Swiss Franc and sterling there are some very important considerations to be making in the future.

Firstly the outcome for the Brexit will be a key feature to determine just how the pound will react down the line. Overall further sterling weakness cannot be ruled out and a move back towards the lows of 1.22 this year seem perfectly reasonable. Longer term a rise towards 1.30 seems highly likely but if you need to buy the Franc holding on for this could be very costly. Likewise CHF sellers hoping to see a move much lower could easily get their fingers burnt!

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