What can we expect next for the Swiss Franc?

What can we expect next for the Swiss Franc?
November 17
16:53 2017

The Swiss Franc has weakened against sterling towards the end of this week as some stronger than expected GBP data on Retail Sales has seen the pound gain in value against most currencies. What has been a major driver on the Franc has been attitudes to risk which with the US economy and Eurozone economy posting positive data, has seen attitudes to risk improve.

The Swiss Franc has weakened as investors attitudes to risk has changed, the Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency so in times of economic certainty the Franc will be weaker. In times of uncertainty, whether political or economic the Franc will often strengthen. If you have a transfer to make in the future then making some plans in advance is a wise move to capitalise on the troubles and uncertainty that might lay ahead.

Most clients buying Francs have been waiting for rates to rise above 1.30 and this is just what we have had lately which is in my opinion something that will not last. Most clients looking to buy Francs in the future will be at risk of the pound losing value from Brexit as investors struggle to make sense of the twists and turns of Brexit.

Uncertainty on Brexit could compound problems as it makes the Franc more attractive to hold since Brexit is of course a politically uncertain event that could cause investors to adjust their holdings and increase their share of the safe haven currency.

If you need to buy or sell Swiss Francs for pounds then making some plans around upcoming events is a wise move to help try and mitigate the unexpected nature of the foreign exchange market and the way events can develop.

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