GBP CHF Before UK GDP (James Lovick)

GBP CHF Before UK GDP (James Lovick)
February 22
08:55 2017

The pound has made good gains against the Swiss Franc this morning with rates for GBP CHF now sitting at 1.2650 for this pair. The pound seems to have found support as the Brexit bill is still expected to pass through the House of Lords next week when the bill comes under additional scrutiny. There is a chance it could be held up with a large number of peers already stating that they will try and amend it during next week’s more detailed discussions. Despite all the European rhetoric that Britain will face a very heft bill when leaving the EU the pound is actually making gains across a number of the major currencies.

For those clients needing to buy Swiss Francs there is currently a good opportunity to buy although the next few weeks are likely to see a rocky ride for the pound. There are likely to be some big very market reactions to the political news that awaits in these next few weeks. For the moment the pound is providing very resilient although there as we approach Brexit the pound is likely to seem some shocks in the downward direction.

UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures are released this morning at 09:30 and could see some further reaction for the pound. Expectation is for GDP to remain at 0.6% on the quarter although there is a chance that number could be revised upwards. A stronger number this morning could see the pound strengthen further. There is a chance the figure could be revised up to 0.7% which would provide an instant boost for sterling exchange rates.

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