Pound breaks past 1.30 vs the Swiss Franc (Tom Holian)

Pound breaks past 1.30 vs the Swiss Franc (Tom Holian)
May 09
16:56 2017

The Pound has made gains vs the Swiss Franc over the last few days with the Pound now having broken past 1.30 on the Interbank level. It appears as though the Pound has been boosted by what is happening politically in the UK.

With the local elections showing huge support for the Tories the political scene for the UK looks the most stable in a long time and this is why the Pound is performing so well recently.  Indeed, at the moment there is no clear rivals to the Conservatives.

Swiss unemployment data published earlier today showed 3.3% which was the same as expected so to me this positive movement is more driven by what is happening in the UK rather than in Switzerland.

With the Pound now trading above 1.30 to buy Swiss Francs could this rally continue?

Personally, I think we’ve got a bit more positive movement for the Pound to come so if you’re thinking of buying Swiss Francs soon it may be worth seeing what happens over the next few days.

US economic data has been a little mixed recently and this has led to a problem for the Swiss Franc as investors have begun to move money away from both the USD and the Swiss Franc.

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