Sterling continues recovery as positive sentiment increases (Joseph Wright)

Sterling continues recovery as positive sentiment increases (Joseph Wright)
January 26
09:18 2018

The Pound has continued to climb against the majority of major currency pairs in recent weeks, as there appears to be a complete change in sentiment towards the UK economy and the prospects of a higher valued Pound.

Towards the back end of last year Sterling was under pressure as poor economic performance coupled with fears of a Hard Brexit dominated financial headlines, although the sentiments seem to have reversed in recent weeks with the Pound hitting the headlines for positive reasons.

EU members such as the Netherlands and Spain have advocated for a smooth Brexit transition, whilst hopes of a transitional trading period after Brexit are building which is pushing up the Pounds value due to a Softer Brexit now looking more likely.

Just this week it emerged that UK unemployment levels have hit a record low, and even wage growth has begun to pick up very slightly which is important to the UK economy after the increase in inflation levels within the UK.

At the same time of Sterling strength the Swiss Franc has been coming under pressure as the global economy picks up and investors move away from safe haven currencies such as the Swiss Franc.

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