Swissie holds longer term value for GBPCHF exchanges

Swissie holds longer term value for GBPCHF exchanges
October 16
17:07 2017

The Swiss Franc remains strong against sterling, partly in response to the Austrian elections which have seen more far right, populist parties take share away from more conservative parties. The Franc is also strong as global uncertainties remain over North Korea and whilst sterling has fought back some ground lately, the longer term prospect for the pound remain worse than the Francs.

With interest rates in the Eurozone remaining negative it is expected as the European Central Bank (ECB) look to taper their QE program and longer term raise their base rate, the Swiss Franc will too rise with it. Overall there is a belief that the Swiss Franc will then also appreciate as investors look to invest in Europe generally.

The ECB and the SNB (Swiss National Bank) are looking to raise interest rates in the future which could see both currencies stronger in the future. This will act as a pull on the GBPCHF rates which could see level slipping back down lower, much will hinge on the outcome of the UK interest rate decision.

A first taste of the UK Interest rate decision will be tomorrow when the UK Inflation figures are released which will be key to determining how the pound will perform. If you have a transfer to consider then making some plans in advance is wise in such an uncertain market.

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