Will GBPCHF rise back above 1.25?

Will GBPCHF rise back above 1.25?
July 19
17:02 2017

If you are looking to buy Swiss Francs with the pound the coming weeks could prove very interesting to see just how sterling to Franc rates react following a shift in sentiments towards the currency pairing. Overall there is a belief that the rate will struggle to hold firmly above 1.25 since there remain a number of global events which seem likely to trigger a move lower. If you need to make a transfer buying or selling the Franc then making plans in advance is sensible since this pair can quickly take an unexpected turn. Please contact me Jonathan on for an overview.

The outlook for the pound remains fairly uncertain as we approach the next stage of Brexit negotiations, the uncertainty created by Brexit is one of the main reasons rates are currently where they are. If you have a transfer to make in the future buying or selling Francs and pounds this is probably the single biggest issue. Brexit doesn’t just impact the pound, it is also important for the Franc since the Swissie is seen and used by investors as a safe haven currency.

Therefore the Swiss Franc gets stronger when investors are concerned about uncertainty in other areas or markets. Investors will put their money into the Franc to rebalance the risk against a deterioration in their own positions elsewhere. This means that as news on Brexit pulls the pound down, it can lead to the Franc gaining strength as the effects are two pronged.

Understanding the market and rates is critical to getting the best deals in the future, many commentators on the market do feel the pound will drop lower and I therefore believe if we do see rates rising to above 1.25 it is well worth capitalising on.

If you have a transfer to make in the future then I would be most interested to speak to you and hear from you in regard to this matter. Please contact me Jonathan Watson by emailing for assistance with any transfers you will need to make.

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