Will GBPCHF rise higher anytime soon?

Will GBPCHF rise higher anytime soon?
August 23
17:03 2017

I did warn that this pair would more than likely continue to slide and so it appears to be the case. With the market focusing squarely on the uncertainty ahead for the UK and investors carefully considering just how likely any pound sterling strength will be in the future, the pound continues to slide! So it looks likely to continue and the GBPCHF rate could easily break through the 1.20 level in the future.

Looking at what is actually driving the market in the future it appears the main problem for Swiss Franc buyers will be the fear and uncertainty of the Brexit. How can we expect the pound to perform will in my opinion be largely pre-determined by Brexit. When the market finally gets an opportunity to digest some positive Brexit news we might expect the pound to recover more sharply. However this now looks to be very much off in the future and I am very very sure that this rate will get much worse before it gets better.

If you have a transfer buying or selling the pound for the Franc in the future then the expectation is that the pound will struggle in the future, I really do feel the pound has so much more to go through. Like I say eventually the pound will bounce back but it could easily be in the next year or two. If you need to make a transfer anytime soon, particularly this year I would be making plans in advance.

To run through your options and the market, to find out the latest new please speak to me Jonathan by emailing Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

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