What will be the key factors to the value of CHF? (Daniel Johnson)

What will be the key factors to the value of CHF? (Daniel Johnson)
February 06
17:34 2018

Swiss Unemployment could cause a swing in CHF value

The Key data release from Switzerland this week is unemployment, due to be released early on Friday morning. The unemployment rate is delivered by the State Secritariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). It shows the figure of unemployed workers divided by the entirity of the civilain work force.

If the figure is positive and comes in better than the expectation of 3% we could see Swiss Franc strength. It also is not just about the immediate impact as this data is a key indicator as to the health of the Swiss economy. The market moves on rumour as well as fact so If there is consistent positive data this could lead to a chnage in moneatry policy which in turn could cause significant CHF strength.

GBP/CHF in Detail – GBP/CHF has had a range between 1.2987-1.3485 over the last month and I feel it is largely being dictated by the rumours and progress surrounding Brexit talks. We had seen rallies against the majority of major currencies for Sterling following positve news from a number of prominent figures that they would be forthcoming in regards to getting a deal in place with Britain.

We have seen positive comments from both Dutch and Spanish finance minsters which was then followed by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. The news from Germany caused a signifcant spike for Sterling due to the heavy reliance Germany have on the UK for exports.

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